Sorry, we’ve exceeded the capacity that we had planned for serving at this year’s retreat. We had a waiting list and we’ve closed that too at this point. It’s very unfortunate that we’ll have to miss your association this year. Hopefully we’re fortunate enough to have your association at our next year’s retreat. As we are heads down with the execution phase of the event, we may not be able to respond to emails on time regarding new registration at this point and we thank in advance for your understanding.


A bit of the Himalayas in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Please join us for Sadhu Sanga Kirtan Retreat 2016 featuring ecstatic kirtans, inspiring classes and delicious prasadam in the amazing association of exalted devotees of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna in Boone, North Carolina, which is just a 2-hour scenic drive from Charlotte airport (CLT) or a 3-hour drive from Raliegh-Durham airport (RDU).

The retreat center address is

  • 639, Whispering Hills Road, Boone, NC 28607

    Due to unprecedented enthusiasm from devotees all over the country, all the 1000 beds in our onsite accommodation were sold out within the first 24 hours of opening our registration. So we have booked most of the hotels, lodges, cottages, cabins that are available nearby to accommodate another 1000 devotees.

    These offsite accommodation places are at a 15-20 minute scenic drive from the retreat center and vary widely in amenities ranging from standard king/queen/double beds with private bath all the way to bunk beds with shared bathroom.

    We’ll allocate rooms/beds based on the size of the registered group (e.g. four persons registering together will be given preference for a room with two queen beds, while individuals will be accommodated in bunk beds) and on a first-come first-served basis.  As we have negotiated discounted group rates due to bulk booking, we’re able to offer the entire retreat for an offsite registration fee of just $199 per person. This includes accommodation for 3 nights, 9 meals of prasadam (sanctified food), access to all the kirtans and classes on all 4 days and parking. Kids aged five or less can attend free of charge as long as they share a bed with one of their parents.

    Update on May 4, 2016: As all offsite spots are booked at this point, if you are getting on the waiting list, we won’t be able to offer you a private room for your family even if your registration gets confirmed. Please don’t add your name to waiting list if your family/group members cannot stay in separate beds in separate rooms (in the same hotel though).


    Here are some of the illustrious kirtaneers who we are expecting at the Sadhu Sanga Retreat as of now:


    Please find the detailed schedule at


    • This was my first time chanting in a Hare Krishna temple with so many devotees and followers of this faith. I have to say, you have all left such a remarkable impression on my heart, soul and spirit. I am forever grateful for being able to just BE there, and to absorb the kindness, the community, the praising of God, and the momentum that we have all carried forward from this weekend to share with all that we shall encounter. Thank you with wholehearted sincerity… haribol!

      Matthew Duplessie
    • It felt like Srila Prabhupad was there and dancing and singing with all of us and encouraging us in our journey back home. Everyone was so happy and ecstatic and although everyone was tired, soon as people started dancing and singing that was all that mattered. All that mattered was Krishna. Sri Sri Sri Jaganath, Baladeva and Subhadra seemed to be in perfect harmony with all the devotees there and thier smiles seemed to be growing bigger and bigger and bigger.

      Shyama Rupini
    • I personally had so much pleasure in relishing the holy name and the opportunity to associate with so many devotees and serve in some way. My only regret is that such gatherings are too short but then such gathering gives us the insight to get connected with the holy name and service all the time.

      Mayapur Candra Das
    • I realized that each year at Sadhu Sanga I seem to be able to go to a much deeper level of hearing and chanting the most magnificent and merciful Holy Names of the Lord. I realized that to my degree of focus, absorption and attentiveness at Sadhu Sanga, it is to that degree that I take this most sacred event with me in my heart for a lasting effect. I am either hearing in my mind or chanting out loud the beautiful sincere kirtans all throughout the day and I have deep gratitude for this. . . Thank you!

      Urvasi Devi Dasi


    If you have any questions, please check our FAQ Section first and if it’s still not answered, please email us at