A bit of the Himalayas in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Please join us for Sadhu Sanga Kirtan Retreat 2017 featuring ecstatic kirtans, inspiring classes and delicious prasadam in the amazing association of exalted devotees of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna in Boone, North Carolina, which is just a 2-hour scenic drive from Charlotte airport (CLT) or a 3-hour drive from Raliegh-Durham airport (RDU).




Here are some of the illustrious kirtaneers who we are expecting at the Sadhu Sanga Retreat as of now :


  • It was a wonderful opportunity to set aside time for hearing and chanting the Holy Name. And to reconnect with friends from far away and long ago.

    Ananta Dasi (Pamela Meier)
  • Every day was like a festival . While participating in Keertan I experienced,I didn’t have to put much efforts from my side to absorb in Holy Names .Collective consciousness was quite powerful. There was no question of mind wandering away from Holy Names . It is like Bombay Train Platform. I heard in Bombay,during busy hours ,all you have to do is simply stand on platform , people will push and in minutes you are inside train :) . So attending Sadhu Sanga retreat felt like that. Just by being there one’s mind is taken to full absorption in Holy Names .

    Vilasamanjari Devi Dasi
  • I am a new devotee and had never been to an event like this. My mind was completely blown. I have never experienced anything like it: such wonderful, kind, helpful people with amazing faith and devotion. The amazing atmosphere pervaded everything. Transcendental Krishna consciousness is totally real and achievable and Prabhupada gave us the process for achieving blissful association with Krishna. A house the whole world can live in.

    George Pratt
  • My most important relationship is with Krishna in the form of the holy name. It was a rare privilege to chant with outstanding kirtaniyas in the association with so many devotees to place that deepest relationship in the center of my life for a three days. It was a powerful experience that has left me hankering for more.

    Vasudeva das



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