Tips for Sadhu Sanga Mobile App Issues
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Rasika Siromani Dasi Wed, May 3, 2023 at 6:38 PM

If you were able to find your hotel and room details as per the directions in the earlier email, you can ignore this email.

For those who have been having issues in looking up, please follow these directions:

  1. If you don’t have the original phone or the original app on your phone, just download the app from AppStore/PlayStore and recreate just your profile (step 1) and email with a screenshot of your profile. We’ll link your registration to your new app and notify you and then you should be able to see all your details (including friends and family).
  2. Some of you have “auto-updates” turned on. So your AppStore/PlayStore may not show a “Download” icon/button. Instead it may just show “Open” button. If you see the app version as 1.6.4, it means you already have the updated app. Please proceed with the rest of the steps.
  3. Once you open the latest version of the app, it will take you to the registration screen which still says “3 steps to register”. Click on Step 2 “Update Family/Friends” and you should see a link to the hotel details. Sorry this is not so intuitive, we would love any volunteers with React Native experience to help us with the app development 😂
  4. Once you click on the link, you will see a picture of the hotel and below that you’ll find all the info such as address, check-in/check-out times, shuttle availability, etc.
  5. If you still have issues, please email with a screenshot and we’d be happy to troubleshoot and get back to you in a day.

Dear devotees,

Hare Krishna. Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please find below some important information about your hotel accommodation and other logistics for the upcoming Sadhu Sanga Kirtan Retreat.

Retreat venue:

The retreat venue is the Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel & Convention Center at 777 Watters Creek Blvd, Allen, TX 75013. The morning program, classes, all kirtans and prasadam will be at this venue on all days.

Accommodations :
Your much awaited hotel accommodation information is ready now! To find out which hotel you will be staying in, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to AppStore/PlayStore and download the latest version of the ‘Sadhu Sanga’ mobile app on the same phone you registered with already. This will simply update your existing app. Do NOT delete your existing app as that will remove all your registration information from the phone. Just update the app.

  2. Click on ‘family/friends’ to see your hotel and room assignment. This is applicable for devotees who have chosen the accommodation option. Please click on your room to go to the page which has all the details of the hotel and the room. Please make sure you note down the exact address of your hotel provided in that page, as there are multiple hotels in the same area with almost similar names.

As there are only a limited number of rooms at the Marriott where the retreat is happening, it is not possible to accommodate everyone there. Apart from Marriott, we have also booked rooms at 3 other hotels in Allen, 3 hotels in Plano and one hotel in McKinney. All these hotels are within 10 mins driving distance from Marriott. As different hotels have different types of rooms and amenities, we have done our best to allocate the closest hotel based on the order of registration while keeping in mind the size of your group and any special requests you had made.

We will be running shuttles from Marriott to the 3 other hotels in Allen. We are unable to provide shuttles to the other 4 hotels. Please click the hotel name in your app to know if there is shuttle service at your hotel and make your own transportation arrangement if needed.

There are two hotels in Plano where the rooms have a kitchenette. If you have requested a room with a kitchen, we have accommodated you in one of these hotels. If you have any questions or concerns about your hotel/room assignment, please email us at by 5 PM PDT on Thursday, May 4. We have to submit the final rooming list to all the hotels by the end of Friday, May 5 and after that no changes can be made.

Airport Rides :
Both the DFW and DAL airports are about 30 mins drive to Marriott. We will not be providing shuttle service to/from the airport. We request devotees to make their own arrangements.

Parking Pass and Volunteering Opportunities :

We will be sending instructions by this weekend for you to request a parking pass and sign up for services in the next update of the Sadhu Sanga mobile app. Stay tuned.

No Vendor Booths:

In order to keep the spirit of Sadhu Sanga to be one of service instead of selling, we will be having only a limited number of tables which have been pre-approved, that too, only for distributing books. So, we kindly request devotees to not bring any clothing or other devotional items for the purposes of selling at the retreat. To those pre-approved, we will be sending an email soon with the logistics and the policies for setting up the book table.

your servants,

Rasika siromani dasi & Govinda caran das.

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