Parking pass and check-in instructions for Sadhu Sanga Retreat 2019

Rasika Siromani dasi Mon, May 20, 2019 at 2:13 AM
Cc: Sadhu Sanga Festival Team
Dear Sadhus,

Hare Krishna. Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Parking Passes:
The much awaited parking passes are available for download (if you have already requested) in your dashboard. Please download it, print it and make sure to display it in your windshield when you arrive at the retreat center so our volunteers can route you correctly. The parking pass has exact instructions that are personalized for you/your group depending on where you stay, which lot you park, the order of things to do depending on whether your room has a key or not. So if you just follow the exact steps listed in your pass, it'll help you get checked-in in the fastest manner.

Onsite accommodation:
Please check your final room numbers in your dashboard and note them down. You can click on your room number to find out more about the amenities in your room. Every room door has a list of the occupants. Before you occupy a room, please make sure your name is on the list. If you see any extra people staying in the room (sleeping on the floor etc), we request you to come and let us know, as we want to know about it first before the retreat center management finds about it and fines us. Please only use one bed per adult (6 years or above). Children 5 or under should share their parents' bed. Even if you spot empty beds in your room, please do not use the beds or the linens, as there are several late check-ins on Saturday. Also for no-shows, we will be moving devotees from offsite to onsite to make it convenient for them. If the number of bed-frames is lesser than the number of mattresses, kindly leave the bed-frames for the elderly devotees in your room.

Offsite accommodation :
If you are staying at an offsite hotel, you need to do two check-ins. One at the hotel, and one with us at the retreat center. You can do it in either order depending on which is on your way first and your arrival time. Please make sure to do your hotel check-in as per their timings which you can find by clicking on the hotel name in your dashboard. We had to give the list of people staying in every room in every hotel. If you are taking someone else's spot, don't be surprised, if they don't allow you to check-in. Make sure you charge any room service to your card.

Retreat center check-in (common for both onsite and offsite) :
Everyone that's participating in the retreat needs to check-in with us. Check-in at the retreat center starts at 10 am on Friday. You will be able to go to your rooms after you check-in. Everyone above the age of 15 is required to show driving license or any state/federal photo id. This is a mandatory requirement of the retreat center that we need to comply with. Please note that there will not be any exceptions to this.

Upon check-in, you'll receive your transcendental bands which will give you magical access to the kirtan halls and prasadam halls without being impeded by Jaya and Vijaya. Please note that everyone is required to wear the band in their wrist. At check-in, you will not be able to collect bands for your family members, everyone needs to come and show their ID and collect their bands.

In addition, you will receive Prasadam cards which you need to show for all the meals. This is to ensure we serve one plate to everyone before being able to serve seconds. Check-in will be open until 12 midnight on Friday. If you are arriving later than that, you can go to your room directly and you can check-in with us on Saturday starting 8 am at the Kirtan Hall foyer.

Keys :
The retreat center is a private property and is considered a safe place. So most rooms don't have keys. Only those who are staying in Yamuna, Zambezi or Spa buildings need key to get in to the building and room. Please follow the instructions on your parking pass, which will indicate you to first come to the check-in office to pick up your keys before you go to your building. If you are staying in these three buildings and are planning at arriving after Friday midnight, please email us at to make arrangements to leave your key with a friend.

Early arrivals :
Retreat center accommodation is available only from Friday. If you are arriving Thursday or earlier, we request you to make your own arrangement for accommodation for the prior days. For those of you who arrive on Friday morning, we are making simple lunch Prasadam for about 300 people. Its on a first come, first served basis, so please plan to arrange your own Prasadam, if we run out. Since our cooks will be fully busy in the dinner preparations, unfortunately we are unable to provide lunch for more devotees. Dinner Prasadam will be served at 6 pm.

Common kitchens :
For those of you who need access to a refrigerator/stove for your medical needs or your kids, we have some common kitchens for you. They are in the these apartments: Seine 22A, Kakita 62A and Mississippi 73A. There are devotees staying in these apartments, but they have graciously opened up their kitchens for all of us. There are no pots and pans. So please bring your pots and pans and make sure to clean up the kitchen after you are done. Please mark your items that you leave in the refrigerator.

Weather :
Please come prepared with appropriate clothing as per the weather forecast. We sincerely hope all the demigods will bless us with good weather so as to facilitate the sankirtan yajna.

Retreat Center Address and Driving Directions :
Art of Living Retreat Center,
GPS: 36.173177,-81.5871074
Attached is the printed directions, just in case, as GPS may not work when you are near the retreat center.

Emergency Contacts :
Govinda caran das : +1 (425) 301-9231
Rasika siromani dasi : +1 (425) 533-6776

See you all on Friday! Sri Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jai !

your servants,
Rasika siromani dasi & Govinda caran Das