Onsite Room Selection :

We registered as a group of 4, will we be guaranteed a private room ?

Yes, you will be guaranteed a private room, regardless of the gender.

We are a 3 person group – 3 friends of same gender, will we be allocated the same room ?

Yes, you will be allocated in the same room sharing the room with one other person of same gender.

Myself and my 3 friends registered separately. How can we stay together in the same room ?

You can either provide your friends’ names in the registration form or you can email your friends’ names before April 15. This is provided, all these friends have confirmed onsite accommodation.

My wife and I registered as a group of 2. Is there a way we both can stay together ?

Every onsite room has to accommodate 4 adults. So if you can find 2 more adults (of age 6 years or more) who have confirmed onsite accommodation, who would like to share the room with your family, then please email info@sadhusangaretreat.com with your details so that we can put the 4 of you in a single room. Please send this email by April 15, 2017.

Cancellation Policy :

My plans might change, until when I can cancel and get a refund ?

You can get full refund (excluding Paypal commissions) until Feb 28, 2017.

Can I get refund after the cancellation deadline, if I find a replacement myself ?

Yes, you can until May 1, 2017. But the person you are transferring will be allocated offsite accommodation, even if you have onsite accommodation. This is because we have a waiting list of devotees at offsite, who are waiting to be moved to onsite when there are cancellations. So its only fair for us to give your spot to those from that waiting list. Also your replacement would need to pay $15, which is the difference in cost between offsite and onsite accommodation.

Kids :

My kids are 5 years and young. Will they get a separate bed ?

You are charged only for people who are 6 years or more. So no, your kids will not get a separate bed and they need to adjust in your bed. We understand this might not be convenient, especially if you have more than one kid. You have an option to pay the adult charge for your kid and get a bed. Please specify this in your registration form and we will contact you, when we are ready to process this request.

Since my daughter is 2 years and doesn’t have a bed, do I need to register her ?

Yes, it is important that you register your daughter as well. We will be allocating yourself and your daughter in a room to be shared with 3 other women. If we knew you have a daughter, then we will try not to put another kid in the same room, so as to make it manageable for the other people in your room.

Prasadam :  

Will there be Gluten free and Vegan options in the meals ?

Yes, there will be some gluten free options in all the meals. Most of the dishes in the lunch is gluten free. The main course in the breakfast and dinner will have gluten, but the other items won’t. If you wish, you can carry some gluten free snack as well with you.

Yes, there will be lot of vegan options in all the meals, not to worry. We will have limited quantity of vegan options, so we request you to only take the vegan options, if you are allergic to non vegan Prasad. We will specify which of the items are gluten free and vegan in the dining area.

Miscellaneous :

I have my own accommodation. Can I just pay a fee for Prasadam and attending the kirtans ?

No, we don’t have an option of registration without accommodation. We had to keep it this way so that we can make the retreat affordable for everyone.

I live near Boone. I have my own food arrangements. Can I just drop in for one or two kirtans ?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Legally, we are required to provide the names of all the attendees to the retreat center management and pay for everyone who is coming to their property. Also the fire marshall has strict regulations for the number of people inside the kirtan hall. If we allow drop-ins, we have a risk of crossing our limit, which will lead to penalties and even cancelling the event by the fire marshall.

I live near Boone. I won’t be able to come for the entire retreat. Can I get a day pass, if I plan to come just for one day ?

No, we don’t offer day passes. With just a handful of volunteers, who all have a full time job, it’s extremely hard for us to manage day passes along with the registered devotees.

My question is not covered in the FAQs. What do I do?

Please email us at info@sadhusangaretreat.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.